You are awesome.

It’s my job to help you
make sure the world knows it.

Here are 6 things you should know about me.


I am one of the few web people that stand at the intersection of business, technology, marketing, and design. When working with small businesses to build their web strategies, this “sweet spot”; helps me shift roles fluidly from web designer to strategy developer to idea generator to _____you fill in the blank_____.


From my home office in Central Illinois, I’ve declared war against poor web strategies and am fervently committed to showing you how to use the internet to gain customers, get more sales, and expand your business. Translation: I’m here to help you attract more traffic to your website and then turn it into CASH.


I sport an “S” on my chest, but I don’t do it all alone. My team at Edit-Ability is spread throughout the country and together we help you slay your marketing challenges. Whatever your needs are- from website design to graphic design to branding to strategy development to SEO to social media networking to content marketing- we’ve got you covered.


I’ve pulled together the best of my research, experiences, and knowledge to create a standard framework for building a powerful online marketing system. Every business has a “magic formula” that, once discovered, will attract more traffic, convert more visitors to customers, and add revenue to the bottom line with scientific accuracy. I’m here to help you find your magic formula and share my framework with you in my Confessions of an Imperfect Marketer resource.


I dig WordPress and inbound marketing so much that I won’t shut up about it. In fact, I’ve published a book and deliver an online course for do-it-yourself marketers who want to implement my system on their own.


Whether it’s speaking, writing, teaching, or consulting, I am obsessively passionate about helping small businesses speak up and transform their online voice from a faint whisper to a loud ROAR! I am currently accepting speaking and training engagements and am happy to deliver fun, engaging workshops to business owners and marketing managers.

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Professional Biography

Tiffany is an entrepreneur with more than 10 years of experience as a management consultant, business analyst, and college professor. As Chief Marketing Scientist at Edit-Ability, Inc., a web design & digital marketing agency, she is one of the rare web people that stand at the intersection of business, technology, marketing, and design. Tiffany eagerly shares her knowledge and insights on the “Small Business, Big Voice” blog, but has also written a book, delivers educational webinars, and teaches an online course designed to help marketers avoid the pitfalls of online marketing and turn website traffic into profits.